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How The Meriden Police Department Enforces a Parking Ban & Towing

January 1, 2014

1. The first thing the Police Officers do is make repeated announcements using their sirens and PA system to warn everyone there is a parking ban and they must move their vehicles. They drive around their entire district and make these announcements for over an hour. 2. Next, they come back and begin to issue parking tickets for the snow emergency. These tickets are $50 each. They continue to make announcements as they are writing the tickets. 3. Lastly, they come back around again and begin the process of towing the cars that were not moved. This takes the longest time and quite often people come out when they see the wrecker show up.

The Police Department encourages neighbors to help each other avoid the ticket and tow by alerting each other that we are towing cars. Also, during the storm, the Police allow citizens to park on their lawns and even the sidewalk to some extent, as long as they get their cars off the streets so the plows can get curb to curb. They must move their cars off the sidewalk the next morning right away. Once a Parking Ban is declared, notification of the ban is posted on the City website, Facebook (www.facebook.com/CityofMeridenCT) and Twitter (@CityofMeriden).


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