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Join the Chamber in Advocating for Increasing State Funding for Incumbent Worker Training by 3-16-12

March 12, 2012

The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Campaign for a Working CT to advocate for state investments in incumbent worker training (IWT). The Campaign for a Working Connecticut is a unique and diverse statewide coalition of employers, education and training providers, Workforce Investment Boards, and advocates and chambers of commerce. Its vision is to promote the state's economic competitiveness through the development of sustainable, effective workforce solutions to increase workers' skills and advance families to self-sufficiency.

The Campaign is supporting legislation calling for the $3M in IWT which will be a significant investment in Connecticut's economic development. Productivity and skill upgrades resulting from IWT yield numerous benefits to both employees and employers, including career advancement leading to higher tax contributions and business incentives to stay in the state due to growth opportunities and enhanced competitiveness.

A letter endorsed by employers and urging support for this increase will be sent to the Governor, leaders in the House and Senate and co-chairs of the Commerce, Labor and Public Employees, and Appropriations Committees. On behalf of the Campaign, I am contacting you to request your endorsement of this letter.

If you are interested in signing on, please send your contact information, including company and title, to Debbie Barone at dbarone@cwealf.org who is gathering endorsers for the Campaign's letter. Should you have any questions, please reach out to me or Alice Pritchard, the Campaign's director (apritchard@cwealf.org) or 860-247-6090 ext 107.


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