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Web Site: http://www.gonetspeed.com/
777 Canal View Blvd., Suite #1400, Rochester, NY 14623 - 2828
Tel: (585) 474-3901

We don't just provide freakishly fast, amazingly affordable internet service-we provide freakishly fast, amazingly affordable internet with service.

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A Note from GoNetspeed: We're not quite there yet - but YOU can help.

October 25, 2021

We haven't yet build our freakishly-fast network in your neighborhood. But don't despair! You can help change that.

In order to keep our service affordable, we carefully evaluate and consider where we build next. When there is sufficient demand from a single area (usually ~10% of homes), we'll unleash our crews and start building.

This is where we rely on you. By conducting your own availability check, that is one vote for GoNetspeed. When your neighbors perform the same availability check, you can help us get to your area even faster. So share info about GoNetspeed by email, on social, or even by smoke signal - and let's get freakishly-fast internet to your home soon. https://gonetspeed.com/Landing-Pages/New-Check-Availability Click here to check service availability for your home and business.


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