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Member Spotlight: Bob Carr Print Professional

July 27, 2020

With over 30 years of experience, as a printer, I have developed a deep understanding of the print process. I have seen how print has evolved from a completely mechanical process to a variety of digital/mechanical production options and how those changes in technology impact my customers' print and mail choices.

My understanding is based on experience, continuous education, and a well-honed understanding of the impact images and text, have when printed on paper. Great images and compelling text, when printed on paper, are the best way to target a specific message to a specific audience. My insight and knowledge of how print works, and the best options available provide my clients with the peace of mind that they will get the results they need.

Printing is a 2,000 years old process with innovations that took centuries to perfect. In today's environment we don't have that kind of time. Digital Technology, and its offspring, Inkjet Technology have created an opportunity for unlimited personalized printed, and mailed, communications. These communications create a customer response that far exceeds screen-based communications such as e-mail or targeted digital advertising.

Print is a visual medium and it is, as importantly, a product that is both physical and tactile. These two qualities are the power that printed product brings to your messaging.

My goal is to provide, to anyone that asks, the best advise on how to produce their printed product for their stated goals. If you have an ongoing print project, or are thinking about adding printed materials to your marketing or communication mix, I am open for a conversation.

Bob Carr | 860.983.7810 | Vice President Sales, Clarity Output Solutions | bcarr@premieruplink.com | Member, Midstate Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


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