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A Year In Review: Latino Communities Reporting Lab

December 15, 2022

As the year comes to a close, it is a time to look back and see all that 2022 meant to the Latino Communities Reporting Lab. For a long time, our Latino communities have gone without this type of reporting and representation -- but not anymore.

I encourage you to read the full year in review. Some articles of 2022 include:

Meriden's first Latina deputy fire chief breaks stereotypes

Housing market demands patience and bilingual real estate agents

What prevents immigrants from applying for U.S. citizenship?

Puerto Rican pride on display once again in Meriden's Hubbard Park

Wallingford barber shop offers free haircuts to Meriden students

Evelyn Robles-Rivas shares experiences as Puerto Rican living in Meriden

Meriden based financial institution supports Latino-owned businesses

Tacos Mi Nacho preserves through pandemic to open new Meriden restaurant

Ecuadorian teen who drowned was in Meriden to help family pay off debts

Experts discuss ways to prevent sexual abuse of children

The other language barrier: What it means for Latinos to lose Spanish fluency

Women of Puerto Rican Festival keep traditions alive

The Latino Communities Reporting Lab relies on the support and donations of our readers. As you finalize your year-end donations, please consider funding the reporters keeping our local Latino communities informed.


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