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Record-Journal Submission Guidelines

July 28, 2011

Briefs: A brief is just that, brief: who, what, where and why, and always contact name and telephone number. A news clerk puts brief in the newspaper, and they run on space availability. If you have questions about a brief you've submitted, contact Susan Chappo at (203) 317-2274 or newsroom@record-journal.com.

Club news: fundraiser, i.e. pasta dinners, craft fairs: class reunions, college news, or meetings, contact Susan Chappo at (203) 317-2274 or newsroom@record-journal.com.

Calendar items: dances, wine tasting, arts exhibits, or any events or engagements, including forms, visit www.myrecord-journal.com/celebrations, call (203) 317-2385 or email celebrations@record-journal.com.

Baby announcements: For baby forms and questions, visit www.myrecord-journal.com/celebration call (203) 317-2385 or celebrations@recored-journal.com.

A story idea: for news, contact Michael Misarski at (203) 317-2241 or email mmisarski@record-journal.com; or contact Jeff Kurz at (203) 317-2213 or email jkurz@record-journal.com.

A photo opportunity: contact Chris Zajac at (203) 317-2296 or email czajac@record-journal.com or the photo department at (203) 317-2297.

Photo reprints: to order reprints, go to www.record-journal.com or call (203) 317-2217 Always put a contact name and telephone number. Send items at least two weeks in advance.

Don't ever leave the press release information on voice mail, we need written copy. Never send a photo embedded in a file with txt; we cannot open them. And never leave a press release with out a contact name and telephone number.


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