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61 Percent of State Residents Never Infected With COVID: Can It Stay That Way?

March 10, 2022

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey released last week estimated 39 percent of Connecticut residents have been infected with COVID-19, but that still left 61 percent of the population COVID-free.

Can the never-infected stay that way? (Nationally, 57 percent have never had COVID-19.) It could depend on your age, whether you're vaccinated and boosted, have existing medical conditions and the state of your immune system. Or maybe you're naturally resistant.

The world's first "human challenge" COVID-19 trial, conducted at Imperial College London and hVIVO at Royal Free Hospital in London, deliberately infected 36 healthy, unvaccinated male and female volunteers, ages 18 to 29, with the original virus strain in February 2021 and recently reported only 18 were infected. Sixteen developed mild-to-moderate symptoms, such as a sore throat, stuffy or runny nose and sneezing - more like a cold. Some also reported headaches, fever, fatigue and muscle or joint aches.

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