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Post University is known for its innovation & focus on providing every on-line & on-campus student an extraordinary educational experience with an unmatched level of personalized support.

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Teikyo Post University's Career Services Office, i ...

September 8, 2003

Teikyo Post University's Career Services Office, in cooperation with the Multicultural Affairs Office and the Writing Center, is proud to announce the launching of a mentoring initiative called "Real U."

Job Shadowing is unique in its approach to career mentoring. Its focus is on providing students with academically motivating activities that demonstrate how the skills they learn in the classroom relate to the world of work. Your participation would provide not only an invaluable means to answering the question "why do I have to learn this?" but you will also be training your future workforce.

We're welcoming all local businesses to contact Carrie Gibbs, Director of Career Services (Phone: 203-596-4504 or E-mail: cgibbs@teikyopost.edu), with your name and position, and whether you can host a student for a full or partial day of job shadowing or would like more information. We also welcome internship opportunities you might have for our advanced learners.


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