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- Hartford P.O. Box 270, Hartford, CT 06141
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Eversource operates New England's largest utility system that serves more than 1.2 million customers across the Northeast.

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Eversource Reminders-Stay Alert to Scams

January 3, 2024

During this time of year, we see an increase in scam activity. Scam artists use sophisticated and intimidating tactics and can be hard to detect. Inform yourself about the tactics used and protect your information.

Common Scams

Shut-off Scare Tactic: Scammers will impersonate Eversource and call without prior notification demanding immediate payment to avoid shut off. Customers scheduled for disconnection due to nonpayment always receive written notice via the U.S. mail, which includes actions to maintain service. Be wary any time someone tries to convince you that you must act immediately.

Overpayment Scam: Scammers call claiming that you overpaid your utility bill and request your personal bank account or credit card information to give you a refund.

Phishing Scam: Scammers, pretending to be from Eversource, will send an email or text message requesting personal or financial information.

Protect Yourself

Verify the caller is legitimate by asking for basic information. Our representatives will always be able to provide the name on the account, the account address and the exact past due balance, if applicable.

Never immediately pay, regardless of what the caller knows about your account or offers as an incentive. We also do not accept and will not ask for payment via gift card, pre-paid debit card or bitcoin.

Don't click on links or call numbers that appear in unexpected emails or texts. If you click on a link, your computer could become infected with malware, including viruses that can steal your information and compromise your computer. Always go through the Eversource mobile app or website when seeking customer service or to make changes to your account.

If something seems suspicious, contact us (800-286-2000) immediately and report the incident to your local law enforcement.


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