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Eversource operates New England's largest utility system that serves more than 1.2 million customers across the Northeast.

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Eversource Reminds Customers to Celebrate Spring Safely

May 10, 2016

Winter has finally come to an end and with the warmer weather comes outdoor chores and backyard celebrations. In recognition of the season, Eversource reminds its customers to think about electric safety first before pitching a party tent or starting an outdoor home improvement project.

"There were nearly 600 incidents of accidental damage to underground utilities around the state last year," said Bob Coates, Vice President of Safety at Eversource. "So make 8-1-1 - Call Before You Dig - your first call when planning an outdoor party or working around your home. The call is free and the savings are priceless."

Power equipment and hand tools such as spades, axes and picks can damage underground gas or electric lines, resulting in serious personal injury. Anyone planning an outdoor project such as planting a tree; hammering tent pegs or stakes into the ground; or installing a swing set, deck, mail box, or fence; should always call 8-1-1 before digging.

For Eversource customers planning to work near overhead electric wires, it's important to call the company directly at 800-286-2000 five to seven business days before pruning branches, shingling the roof or painting the house trim. An Eversource line crew will cover the lines with a rubber protective covering to make the area safer at no charge, but remember to still stay 10 feet away from overhead wires.

The company also recommends these additional safety tips while working around the house: - Check for overhead lines when using ladders to clean gutters or a long-handled pool vacuum that could reach within 10 feet of the lines. - Don't let Mylar balloons become a party spoiler. Keep them tethered and attached to weights at all times. The metallic coating on these balloons can cause a power outage when they come into contact with overhead electrical equipment. - Never attempt to retrieve a balloon, kite or other debris that becomes entangled in an overhead power line. Instead, report it to Eversource so a lineworker can safely remove it. - If using power tools to work outside, make sure extension cords are marked for outdoor use and rated for the power needs of tools being used. Also, check to be sure cords aren't frayed or cracked. Damaged or overloaded cords may lead to electric shock and serious injury.

Click here for more safety tips.


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