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We will provide all students with educational opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to lead productive and self-sustaining lives in a democratic, multicultural society.

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Maloney High School School Governance Committee

September 27, 2011

Ann Hushin, principal of Maloney High School, is looking for community leaders interested in possibly serving on the School Governance Committee. This advisory-type committee, made up of students, parents, administrators, teachers/faculty and community leaders, would be a great avenue for our leaders to voice their ideas and to discuss them with those individuals who can bring about change. Interested individuals would be placed on a ballot and voted upon by parents and teachers. The top two candidates will be appointed to the committee for a 2 year commitment with monthly meetings in the evening. Ann would like to have the voting take place on October 27th. Please have any interested individuals contact Gina Barrett, Career & Technical Education Developer, Maloney High School, via e-mail at gina.barrett5@meriden.k12.ct.us or phone at 203-238-2334 ext 127.


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