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Serving as a key component of the local business community, the success of the Midstate Chamber of Commerce can best be measured through the satisfaction and successes of its members.

The following testimonials serve as our most effective medium for promoting both the Chamber and local business.  If you would like to submit a member testimonial, please contact us.

The exposure we gain from being featured on your website is outstanding.

I received a call from a daughter of one of our newly admitted short term patients. She lives in New Hampshire and called to specifically thank me for our involvement with the Chamber. She stated that she searched the internet Wednesday for places to recommend to her mother and when she saw that Meriden Center was on the chamber website she "knew that we were terrific", "that really meant something", and "to be a part of the Chamber is really significant" so she decided on Meriden Center as her first choice and requested her mother to come here. Meanwhile, this dtr was not listed as a contact for the mother at all, the only contact info given was a sister who lives with the patient. This sister had no knowledge or preference of skilled/rehab facilities. It is a great conversion for us. I wanted to extend a huge "thank you" for the difference our membership has made in unexpected ways!

The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce is an integral component for any small business to become a part of the community it serves. Web Solutions has benefited greatly from participating in Business After Hours events, the Chamber Expo, and the Chamber newsletter. In turn, the Chamber provides us with an avenue for serving the greater community through activities like the Annual Golf Tournament and the Silver City Brewfest. The efforts and initiatives brought forth by the Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce to serve area businesses and the local economic climate should be lauded and I urge every Meriden business to get involved.

We've made some good connections since we joined the Chamber and I look forward to making more. Thanks again for all your support.

"Having The Augusta Curtis Cultural Center ad featured on the website of the Meriden Chamber has increased traffic to our website and has brought us new attendees to Center events."

"The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce provides leaders from varied business entities a non-competitive place to work together for the improvement of our whole community."

"Since I joined the Meriden Chamber I have been guided in the right direction. The chamber has coached me in how to make my company noticed. The link and banner add on the chamber website has given us serious exposure. As a result of such exposure, Mr. and Mrs. Heroux call us to estimate the cost of a deck in the back of their 1730 home on Curtis St. in Meriden. After several visits, we were hired for the project! All of this wonderful experience was possible because of the constant exposure that the Meriden chamber provided. The Heroux's called us back for an add-on leading to their recent purchase of a swimming pool. The entire project was completed with composite decking and white vinyl rails...! The customer is very satisfied. This is just one of many positive experiences as a result of the Meriden Chamber ads and website links." "Thank you so very much for all the work you and your men have done at our home. We are so pleased with the workmanship and professional quality that you and your men have provided. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't smile at all the improvements that were made. I still couldn't believe what a difference it has made in our home. How beautiful the kitchen and living room is now with the new flooring. Can not wait to have you job-out our next home improvement project. Again thank you for the excellent work and for all the work you have done well above and beyond what was expected." Sincerely, Ellie & Dave Hampton.

"Since posting an Ad on the Meriden Chambers website I have seen an increase in the number of visits to my website. As a result the number of referrals from the Meriden Chamber are up as well as new business sales. I would recommend The Meriden Chamber web advertising to any business owner who is interested in getting noticed and driving more prospects to their website."

"The chamber is a great business partner and resource, working together with local businesses to help them grow and thrive in many different ways. In addition, the Meriden Chamber works to protect and promote our business interest on important issues like transportation and revitalization efforts. The Chamber staff too is always at the ready to provide support and this is greatly appreciated."

"Community Banking has always been an important part of the Meriden Business community. Last year Naugatuck Savings Bank re-affirmed that commitment in building a brand new branch office on the West Side of Meriden located at 500 West Main Street. The Greater Meriden Chamber proved once again to be a great partner helping us to get the word out to the business community and helping us organize and plan for our upcoming Business After Hours scheduled for October 9th. With its many great networking events, great Business Directory and its monthly News Letters, the Greater Meriden Chamber is a proven resource for any business wishing to be more visible and grow."

"The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce has given us a multitude of opportunities to promote our business in the community. Through their Business After Hours and the Expo we have been able to generate new business through the business member contacts that we've made. These opportunities are open to all members of the Chamber and it is certainly well worth the membership fee. I couldn't think of a better Chamber to be a part of than the one right in our own city."

"The Meriden Chamber of Commerce is not run by the City of Meriden, but exists independently to promote Meriden businesses through an array of products and services. Businesses that belong to the Meriden Chamber make a commitment to the city of Meriden � the people, the neighborhoods, the community as a whole. Businesses that appear in the Chamber Directory, in the monthly newsletter or on the Chamber website emerge as credible businesses and trusted friends."

"The opportunities that have come through our relationship with the Greater Meriden Chamber have been an integral part in growth of our small family business. We believe the chamber should be a strong foundation for any company and we have seen a difference when using the many resources available to us as members. We hope to be involved with the Meriden Chamber for many years to come."

"In the last year we have attended Chamber events in which we have come to know several different business owners. This helped us to establish trustworthy relationships and gain knowledge about a variety of other businesses. Through networking it has helped solve some of our own issues such as: H Who to hire to create our website; H Where to go to for our promotional needs; and H How to become comfortable in building relationships to promote our business. In doing so we realized, that Chamber events=having fun while doing business."

"The promotional opportunities that the Chamber of Commerce offers are extensive. The Chamber's web site offers businesses a virtual window to display their wares and services. In the case of Prentis Printing, over 13,000 potential customers peek at our virtual window per month, as they view our Chamber web site link. We have participated in the CT Showcase, Business Expo, Chamber Directory and in sponsoring a �Business After Hours' event. Promotionally, it's all good� for all types of business."

"The Chamber is a unique entity. As an independent business to business liaison and introduction organization it succeeds in being a key pillar for networking needs for any size business, the Greater Meriden Chamber and its staff are always quick to respond to all inquiries and the frequent networking events always leave everyone having received full advantage of their membership."

"The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce has given us, and others, the opportunity to promote our business through their Trade Shows, Annual Dinners and Business After Hours events. We are proud to be a member and participate as an active member in the community."

"The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce is all about opportunity. It provides a major area employer and community provider like Rushford with the opportunity to network with new and existing businesses and to advocate collectively for the betterment of the city. Since becoming a member in 1998, we have found that the more we participate in Chamber activities, the greater the return is on our investment in building healthier communities."

"Leading by example, The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce with its dedication, commitment, and integrity is inspiring the next generation of business leaders. I look to the chamber for guidance, and I know that they will guide me in the right direction when it comes to planning the future of my business."

"Top To Bottom Cleaning Services, LLC and our website www.t2bcleaningservices.com has received substantial attention due to the visibility that your advertising space provides. Advertising on the Meriden Chamber website is an invaluable aspect of our marketing strategy."

"Our United Way could never maintain the networking opportunities that we receive as a member of the Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce. The result is greater visibility in the community for both our programs and our appeals."