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The Golf Committee helps arrange and solicit sponsors for the annual tournament which raises funds for the annual Sanford S. Shorr Education Awards. The following people are on the Golf Committee 2023.  For more information about this committee, feel free to contact any of the members below:

Richard J. Pendred, Committee Chairman
UBEO Business Services - Ubeo East
Tel: (860) 635-5053  Fax: (860) 635-5280
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John L. Carbone
B & L Financial Architects
Tel: (860) 432-9119  Fax: (860) 432-9092
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John L. Davis
RazorRep2, LLC
Tel: (203) 623-1629  Fax: (203) 440-2220
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Carla  DuBois
M & T Bank Meriden Super Stop & Shop Office
Tel: (203) 639-5033  Fax: (844) 806-9609
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Arthur  Erickson
Beecher & Bennett Funeral Service
Tel: (203) 235-4152  Fax: (203) 237-6659
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Diane  Fahey
Diane Fahey - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Tel: (203) 605-5098 
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Kevin  Ferrarotti
Hunter's Ambulance Service, Inc.Hartford Healthcare Emergency Medical Services
Tel: (203) 235-3369  Fax: (203) 514-5122
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Chip  Geriak
Grand Slam Sports, LLC
Tel: (203) 440-2377 
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Eric  Grantz
Nesso Group
Tel: (860) 374-4010 
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Kerry  Johnson
Kerry JohnsonChamber Ambassador/Travel Advisor
Tel: (210) 627-5461 
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Ralph  Mesite
Mesite Family Partnershipc/o Ralph Mesite
Tel: (203) 379-7311 
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Carrie  Mott
Bouvier Insurance
Tel: (860) 232-4491 
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Victoria  Pasión
Meriden Department of Economic Development
Tel: (203) 630-4152  Fax: (203) 630-4274
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Molly H. Savard
Molly Savard
Tel: () - 
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