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Mirion Technologies is a leading provider of innovative products, systems and services related to the measurement, detection and monitoring of radiation.

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Packard BioScience Co., which makes instruments fo ...

December 11, 2000

Packard BioScience Co., which makes instruments for drug research, has sold Canberra to Cogema Group, a French government-owned company providing products and services to the nuclear industry. Proceeds will be used to fund future growth of Packard's biotechnology products and services. The acquisition of Canberra will enable Cogema to become the "premier nuclear measurement supplier in the world," said Chairman and CEO of Cogema Anne Lauvergeon. Cogema does not intend to lay off any employees or move from Canberra's headquarters in Meriden. Christian Petit, president and chief operating of Cogema's nuclear measurement unit will become chair and chief operating officer of the Canberra addition. George Serrano, President of Canberra, will continue in his present position. Mr. Petit encourages Canberra to continue its commitment to Meriden. Canberra participates in several large projects, including Oak Ridge, Tenn., Rocky Flats outside Denver, and Waste Isolation Pilot Project in Carlsbad, N.M. Emery Olcott, founder of Canberra and Packard BioScience chairman and chief executive officer, will serve on the board of the new company. Recent activities at Canberra are designed to make the company lean and entrepreneurial, with the resources to invest in research and development and to acquire other biotechnology companies. The company's restructuring comes during a time when billions of public and private research dollars are pouring into the mapping of human DNA, a main force behind the 50 per cent growth in the biotechnology market. Market analysts project that the current growth rate of more than 50 per cent in biotech overall will continue and that the instrumentation sector, of which Packard is a part, would grow at between 15 and 30 per cent.


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