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Lawrence McGoldrick, president of Castle Bank & Tr ...

October 19, 2000

Lawrence McGoldrick, president of Castle Bank & Trust, has initiated a luncheon series involving representatives of the city and local business groups. His prime initiative in so doing was to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas involving economic development of Meriden. Present for the first lunches was Representative James Maloney, Sean W. Moore and Molly Savard from the Chamber of Commerce; Wayne D'Amico from Meriden Economic Resource Group; Mayor Joseph Marinan; City Councilman Stephen Zerio; Randall Kamerbeek, economic development director; and Roger Kemp, the City Manager. The city has been at the forefront of economic development planning and Mr. McGoldrick contends that it's time for the private sector to get involved. In promoting local development, Mr. McGoldrick would ilike to encourage the organizations to join the bank in establishing an economic resource center to provide assistance to local businesses.


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