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LISA, Inc. is a non-profit agency that provides safe, supportive, empowering programs and services to young adults under the car of the Dept. of Children & Families who are survivors of human trafficking abuse & neglect.

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LISA, INC,'s Life Skills Academy

February 20, 2019

LISA, Inc.'s Life Skills Academy

Where the Youth of today learn to become healthy, productive, members of our community.

The Life Skills Academy works by empowering youths to succeed by building resilience and self-sufficiency. It is the youth of today who will face the most difficult challenges yet. The Life Skills Academy is designed to help them overcome these challenges and grow into a productive member of the community. ~THEY WILL HAVE ACCESS TO SERVICES SUCH AS~:

-One to One & Group Life Skills Training

-Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention

-Youth Leadership Opportunities

-Community Engagement Through Experimental Lessons

-Vocational Training & Career Readiness

-Other Group Programs ( Including Anti-Trafficking)


Trained coaches will be working directly with the students to cultivate the personal life skills they need to become successfully independent adults. Students will learn:

*Financial Literacy *Coping Skills * Relationship Building * Communication skills

* Problem Solving *Nutrition & Cooking * and much more..


Together, with your support, we can provide young people, ( who have survived abuse and neglect ), preparation to overcome the challenges of daily life and the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Youth in foster care are among the most disconnected in our community. Be the bridge that closes the gaps in their lives!! - LISA, Inc.


By 15, young Faith had endured a tremendous amount of adversity. She was physically abused by her mother, in multiple foster care placements, and for some time, was homeless.

Faith was enrolled in the LISA, Inc. Community Based Life Skills (CBLS) program but quit after a few months. She disappeared for almost two years. Then one day, she returned and vowed that she was committed to changing her life and using every resource LISA, Inc. had available. Faith became a resident of the Lisa's Wish Program where she worked with staff to get the life skills she needed to succeed. She was a role model of responsibility and strength for other girls in the program.

Faith earned a scholarship to a nursing aid program and became a certified CNA. She's devoted to giving back and has supported other youth going through CBLS. Last year, Faith generously donated school supplies to current residents. She also openly shares her story to inspire others. A proud mother of a one-year-old , Faith works full-time, recently re-connected with her biological father and is working to build a healthy relationship with her mother.

From all of us at LISA, Inc: Keep up the good work Faith, we believe in you!!


*Academy Ambassador- $2,800*

-Your Generosity Provides 50 Academy Sessions for One Student

-Prominent Recognition for Your Commitment to Improve the Lives of Youth

*Academy Associate- $1,400*

-Your Generosity Provides 25 Academy Sessions for One Student

-Notable Recognition for Your Commitment to Improve the Lives of Youth

*Academy Advocate- $560*

-Your Generosity Provides 10 Academy Sessions for One Student

-Recognition for Your Commitment to Improve the Lives of Youth

Your Generosity Provides momentum in turning challenges into incredible opportunities to transform the future of our young people!

Contact: Elizabeth Hyatt

Email address: ehyatt@liseinc.org

Address: 200 Executive Boulevard, Suite 4C, Southington, CT 06489

Phone Number: 860-426-0946

Website: www.lisainc.org



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