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The Government & Business Development Committee monitors local, state (in coordination with CBIA) and federal (in coordination with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) legislative issues impacting business and considers programs to add value for Chamber members dues investment.

This committee meets at 8:30 a.m on the second Friday of each month. The following people are on the Government & Business Development Committee.  For more information about this committee, feel free to contact any of the members below:

Marc  Nemeth
Jonal Laboratories Incorporated
Tel: (203) 634-4444  Fax: (203) 634-4448
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Bruce  Burchsted
Prentis Printing Solutions, Inc.
Tel: (203) 634-1266  Fax: (203) 630-3530
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Robert  Cappelletti
Meriden Housing Authority
Tel: (203) 235-0157  Fax: (203) 634-1971
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Harry  Carey
AT&T External & Legislative Affairs
Tel: (203) 974-6541  Fax: (203) 946-2141
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Joseph F. Feest
Meriden Department of Economic Development
Tel: (203) 630-4152  Fax: (203) 630-4274
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Pam  Fields
MidState ARC, Inc.
Tel: (203) 238-8362  Fax: (203) 639-0946
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Frank W. Ridley
Friends of the Meriden Public Libraryc/o Meriden Public Library
Tel: (203) 630-4763 
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Vinnie  Valente
UA Local LU 777 JAC
Tel: (203) 686-0700 
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Thomas J. Welsh, Esq., Committee Chair
Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, PC- Middletown
Tel: (860) 548-2681  Fax: (860) 346-4580
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Seth  Duke
Easterseals- Meriden
Tel: (203) 237-1448  Fax: (203) 237-9187
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Beth  Fisher
Kuhn Employment Opportunities, Inc.
Tel: (203) 235-2583  Fax: (203) 235-0827
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Jeffrey  Moore
Workforce Alliance
Tel: (203) 624-1493  Fax: (203) 562-1106
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Karen  Schlossberg
Wheeler ClinicAlternative in the Community
Tel: (203) 235-1654  Fax: (203) 235-1670
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Celeste  Tapia
Community Economic Development Fund
Tel: (203) 235-2333  Fax: (203) 235-2913
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Bob  Thureson
MidState ARC, Inc.
Tel: (203) 238-8362  Fax: (203) 639-0946
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Ariel  Vega
The Office of U.S. SenatorChristopher Murphy
Tel: (860) 549-8463  Fax: (860) 524-5091
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